Sunday, November 27, 2011


3.25 am..
i'm still awake 
not because i'm taking too much caffeine
but maybe i over sleep :p
so i'm thinking what should I do
not wasting my time
so i'm thinking of you
how are you?
it's too long...i never heard about you
i know that your life get better now
i'm happy if it's true :)
i don't know why...suddenly my hand want to draw a picture of us
i know my drawing is too bad
but i juz draw what's on my mind
it's you..and old story..wif a lot of memories behind it
too many things we shared together
i'll never forget them
 i dun want to cry anymore
because there is a reason why this happened
and the simplest way to be happy is just to let go of things that make you sad
i know that i'm the 'things' that make you sad :')
btw..past is past..we have to move on..rite? :)
so i hope u'll find someone much better than me..

my drawing..too bad =(
i don't know whether u read my blog or not
but it's ok
coz now i can sleep peacefully :)


tasya safri said...

nice drawing lya.. suka akak tgok..jeles la togk org pandai lukis2 nie.. hehe.. nway dear, u strong enough to face the pain.. akak respect kamu lya, kalo akak, akak x mampu nak buat..

#akak ikut perkembangan kamu dari jauh, kalo lya perlukan seseorang nak share apa2, cari je akak eh.. insyaAllah akak sentiasa ada utk kamu.. :)

Lya said...

alamak..terharu :') thanx soooo much akak!!! kite x penah rasa ada first time dpt rsa seorg kakak ambik berat tntang seorg adik..hehe ^^

ZaNaUs said...

comelnye lukisan :) be strong, dear. i noe u can do it :) take care, okeh ^^~

Lya said...

hehehe..thanx a lot dear!! *hugs* jgn riso la..orite ;)